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Hello and welcome to Alamo Formacion Club. Since 1995 our club has specialized in sports bets. We have a lot of experience in analyzing all the data about match-ups. Our team researches match history of both teams. We take in consideration all of the common results. If both teams have played against one team and only one of them have won, the odds are that they are the better team. However, we need to take into consideration the current condition of both teams. Teams change their tactics and players quite often. Players conditions should be checked too. A player from both teams may have been injured in the previous game. Knowing when their last matches can be extremely helpful too. If one team’s players are exhausted they may not be able to play on the absolute maximum. Constantly placing the right bets can be exceptionally difficult and time consuming. That’s exactly why we have a club with multiple betting enthusiasts in it. We have experts on many teams with various favorite players. Reading different sports predictions online can lose you money most of times. After a lot of thinking our club decided to post some of our predictions online. The best part about all this is that we are doing it completely for free. Giving them a try can only help you win some money on bets.

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Online betting in Spain

Online bets and casinos have gained an insane amount of popularity over the last years. There are many countries where people can freely gamble online if they are at least 18 years old. However, Spain is not one of that places. In 2011 the Spanish Gambling Act was introduces, and owners of casinos should have different licenses for every gambling product they offer. That’s why many bookmakers only have casinos, and others only have sports betting. If u happen to be in Spain and want to bet legally, you should use a site with .es domain, licensed by Juego Seguro. All you have to do after you find the right site is to register an account. They will ask for the number of your ID Card. In most places they may require a scanned copy of your ID Card. You need to do is, so they can verify your identity. Depositing money in a Spanish betting site shouldn’t be a problem at all. Deposits can be made with MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, etc.. Cashing out your winnings is as easy as depositing money. Just request a withdraw and it will be don’t in the next few days. That is all you need to know about online betting in Spain.

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Is betting illicit in Spain? Internet betting is managed by Law 13/2011, of 27 May 2011, on the guideline of betting (”Law 13/2011”), which applies to the offering of betting by means of intuitive methods both from Spain and to Spain. There are three kinds of general licenses: “wagers”; “challenges”; and “different amusements”. The kinds […]

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