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Betting on Spain football team for the UEFA Euro 2020

UEFA Euro championships are one of the biggest international tournaments after the World Cup. Every four years teams from Europe compete with one another to win the cup. The best 24 teams will be selected during the qualifications, and will play agains each other next summer. For the first time, the final will be played in 12 different places. The final and semi-finals will be held in England’s Wembley Stadium. The qualifications already started in March 2019, so we will look at the best performing teams. The face that the matches will be played all across the continent, lets more teams to compete for the qualifications. That being said, once we get into the tournament, we will cover all the matches in details. Spain has already won the UEFA Euro championship three times in 1964, 2008 and 2012. In 1964 they won agains Soviet Union with a result of 2-1. In 2008 the final was agains Germany and Spain won with 1-0. In 2012 they crushed Italy with 4-0. They have lost only one final in 1984 against France. Spain and Germany are the only teams, which has won the cup three times. That being said, Spain has a really strong team for this championship. Betting on them agains not so popular teams can be pretty safe bets. However, they are not the only strong team in UEFA 2020. France, England, Belgium and Germany are not the easiest opponents this time. Keep an eye on our blog, and don’t miss our betting tips for the championship.